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Selasa, 21 Disember 2010

Muhammad PBUH letter to the Vatican Church.

I have called upon our last Prophet, Muhammad PBUH through my heart and so the result is this letter.

From the last prophet Muhammad PBUH to the Vatican as a special gift to my ummah who believe in Allah and His Prophet, that is Islam.

O Jews and Christians, Our God Allah SWT, Owner of the sun that we need, has once before asked you to create another sun, or if you are not capable, it is enough if you can change its moving direction from west to east. It is Him, Allah, that makes the sun rise from the east to the west. But it seems that you have never been able to do so. So, is it truly wise for you to oppose Allah and His Messenger.

The Jewish people who lived during my time were very surprised and were angry with Allah because He chose me, an Arab orphan who could not read and write, to be the last Prophet. It totally unexpected that they were willing to conspire with satan to oppose Allah and me. What’s more when they discovered that, with Islam, Allah makes the earth and its contents submit to God, while the Jewish only became as fugitive. It is due to this resentment that your grandfather and grandmother have sworn for the descendents of Jewish and Christian to become enemies of Allah, Rasul Islam, and all His people. All of them are doomed for we shall send all of them to hell.

That was their vow. These feelings of resentment was instilled into their children. Then to their grandchildren, and also to their great grandchildren until they feel the spirit of revenge truly exists in their souls, mind, blood cells and flesh of the whole of their descendants until this vey day.

O God, your enemies behold such terrible feelings of resentment and revenge towards You O God. When in fact, You are God who gives them oxygen, health, and money. They took it all until destruction fills the earth and Your religion, Islam is destroyed. O Allah, the Almighty Who is Most Receptive to all the humiliation done by Your creation.

O Jews,
Revenge is usually brought forward until the generations of the children only. Meaning that the children also hate the enemy of their parents. But the grandchildren would already mellow down. Or the worst that we have heard is a curse being made upon enemies which is to last until the seventh generation. But the Jewish resentment towards Islam, Allah and Rasul, lasts until 100 generations. When in fact, the Israeli people had struggled for the sake of Allah alongside with their Prophets for thousands of years before. This means the evilness of Jewish have gone totally extreme. Allah will punish them with total justice. The day will come when not even one of their ethnic will be alive on this earth. Maybe with this letter, some of them are willing to repent. Meanwhile for the Christians, Allah Who is Most Just will make all of them embrace Islam together with Imam Mahdi when Allah sent Saidina Isa Ibnu Maryam back to Earth again. Isa AS was very much hated by the Jewish. They wanted to kill him and they managed to do so on a cross but it turned out the man they killed was not Isa. The real Isa has been made invisible and sent to heaven so that he will return to defend the Christians who had been cheated by the Jewish all this while. The time is very soon.

O Jews,
When this earth has been purified from a race that is so full of resentment and revenge, Allah will make this earth a world desired by all, a safe Islamic land full of beauty, calmness, serenity and happiness. Then will the earth be called “My Heavenly Earth”. Allah is the creator of all of these in the name of His Messanger Nur Muhammad, his family, companions and friends.

Dajjal as the last priest Pope that you are proud of, will be gone then. He is killed by the son of Maryam Saidina Isa AS as a retribution to you who once wanted to kill him. Isn’t God of Muhammad Most Just and Most Kind for what doing all these? He has been patient for 1000 years seeing you insult Him and destroy His name.

At that time it seemed like you have another God other than Him when in fact you are very certain that He is the Only God. The church god can only ring the bell notify the time to meet him. But the real God would broadcast throughout the whole world until it can be heard right from inside the earth till the bottom of the sea that Allah is Most Great. Do you think there is another other than God who is true and dares to say out the azan (the call to perform prayers). Why doesn’t the church challenge the azan. Why don’t they announce the same wordings which is who meets the Pope will attain victory. You wouldn’t dare O jewish priests! When it is only Muhammad’s God who dares to say out the azan, you surely understand what that means. Until today, it irritates you so much that the azan is still heard all around the world, that, in the name of His destroyed religion, the name Allah still reigns as God Most Great. Although the muslim no longer understands but what matters now is that you understand. You tried your utmost to abolish the azan but it’s just like the case of the second sun that you cannot produce. And so you endure such pain everytime you hear the azan because it signifies your weaknesses and failure as your true god remains firmly Allah Most Great. He truly will not allow you to dominate the whole world as this is His Justice to all His servants.

O Jewish people,
You are so proud that you can convert people especially Muslims to become Jewish. Everyone wears coat and necktie, wears the Jewish hat and robe in the convocation ceremony, wears specific uniforms for specific profession for example doctors, lawyers, police, army, and others. You have paste onto the Vatican flag the key to develop the world until misfortune envelopes the whole children of Adam either they are Muslim or non Muslim. You deviate them all, either they realize it or not. Because money has become everyone’s utmost priority. Money is everything. Their financial resources rely totally on all sorts of occupations which you have created. If you do not work in the jewish system, if you do not study at the jewish school, then you cannot survive in this world. When in fact, the world had once attained peace and harmony before it fell into your hands O Jews! It even bring you pride when people disunite, fight each other and engage in wars created by you. You are so called the reliable one. God and His Messenger are totally ignored. And you are finally so proud that not an inch of this earth escape your sight. You think your so called technology is good enough for you maintain yourself in this world and what can Muhammad’s God do after this? And so, you say with much arrogance and egotism “ welcome Muhammad. we will give you the Vatican flag as a symbol of this scourged world. This world is in our control (under our feet), and we truly want to see Muhammad bring Islam to the whole world again.”

O Jews,
Actually Muhammad has come to earth a long ago. Muhammad has challenged the jewish system. It is now about 200 years ago when Haramain fall onto your hands. I am the one who send him as a messenger, that is as a messenger to the messenger of God. We chose a location which no one ever thought of, including you, to be our base. It involves a few countries in the far East where in fact you were also there as their colonials. But you managed to detect the smell of fragrance that you fear so much. And so you decide to kill him. And he died as you presumed. Did you think that God did not allow Muhammad to save His Messenger from your evilness of wanting him dead? No O Jews! In fact Muhammad retained his loved one alive just as Saidina Isa AS escaped the murder that you intended for him but it hit another person.

This has been happening for 85 years O jews.And you never knew it is still happening. And there is something else that you have never thought of. I have a second messenger in this world. His name is not Muhammad. But his being is also Muhammad, the third Muhammad. In the sky, we call him Syuib bin Soleh. But if you find this name on earth, you will definitely kill my loved one. Isn’t God of Muhammad wise because He taught me how to cheat you. Because his name on this Earth is not Syuib bin Soleh. O Jews you have been cheated again, within the thousands of cheating that you have made upon the muslim ummah.

And so with the movement of Muhammad, a beautiful Islamic way of life which is strong and complete eventually emerged which took place in your hometown. Muhammad had a chance to spread the knowledge in your village. But until today, when Allah has fulfilled His promise to Muslims, that Imam Mahdi has arrived, O you are still confused! What is the relationship between Syuib bin Soleh with the second Muhammad that you have been waiting for?

Let me tell you the secret now. The third Muhammad obtained seven names from God. All those names are used to address him by my relatives who are very loyal to him. Even though you try to label him a deviant, prison him for 10 years, condemn him at all mosques throughout the whole of his country, make him a refuge for 7 years by your on people, pursue him and his followers like a cat with scabies, block his economy and social activities as well as any opportunity available in the country, ban all books and magazines and all forms of written and electronic publication which they produce. His jamaah is proclaimed to be a deviant although he strived for Allah and His Prophet. All Islamic Scholars created by you label him a deviant. Eventually you curse evil spells upon him with the biggest jewish black magic and a thousand form of cruelty has been cast onto himself, his family and jamaah.
Yet finally today he and his jamaah is being well accepted by all except by a small portion of you team who are evil at heart.

It is the result of a campaign in the name of God carried out by the party of God which has reached out into everyone’s heart who wants to be be close to God. Eventually their hearts decide to accept and support Abuya and his jamaah.

O Jews,
My people, the third Muhammad comes before the second Muhammad to prepare the base for the second Muhammad on this earth. I am the first Muhammad that plan all of these to both the second and third Muhammad. You do know that I am Muhammad. I am the Nur (light of) Muhammad that will never be shut down by a thousand darkness that you created even after I die. I am actually still alive and still active guiding my people. And I am the one writing this letter for you o enemy of God. Indeed all your evil effort to steal my body in your attempt to disgrace it had always been a failure mainly because I am actually not dead as you said. You deceive Muslim people by saying Muhammad has died, but actually you are the one who is waiting for me to come again into this world.

Yes, now you know that the second Muhammad whom you tried to kill 85 years ago has returned to earth under the order of the first Muhammad. Together with him is the third Muhammad that I had made him disappeared when you tried to kill him. It was on the day he said “come and get me because I am the one that you have been looking for”. I am Putra Bani Tamim for Malaysia and I am Satria Peninggit for Indonesia.

You are very angry with my hero, and so you pursue him. Then when you are really close to catching him, it came out in the TV station that Abuya has died. So, you are being cheated again by Allah the Almighty. Think again, how can the Messenger of Allah and His Rasul who has been assigned to complete Allah’s Grand Design suddenly die off before his victory? Did you think that Allah cannot overcome your obstacles? If that is what you think, you are certainly not the Jews that I mean! Because the real Jews know God better, Most Fearless God who broadcast in every mosque and musolla around the world tell five times a day that He is the Almighty God. He is the Owner of this world, nothing is impossible for Him. He can make you think that the three people that you kill had died but actually they are not dead. They come to me, and live with me, physically. Like I have physically travelled to Sidratul Muntaha and met God. These three people are given the task to finish off the Jews from this earth.

Saiyyidina Syuib bin Soleh (Putra Bani Tamim)
Saiyyidina Muhammad bin Abdullah (Imamul Mahdi)
Saiyyidina Isa AS (the son of Maryam RA)

In reality, Jews knows about this and they know better than the Islamic scholars. But jealousy and revenge make them deny all and proclaimed that all is merely nonsense. Damn to Muhammad’s God that promise all these. We will destroy it to its roots.
O jews, your evilness is totally shocking. But no matter how stupid the ummah of Muhammad, they can be saved. How can you plan to die for the sake of this evilness?

O Jews,
Soon when the Muslim people is going to see Abuya with Imam Mahdi suddenly appear in this world again, together they will say “ who has been cheating us about this promise of God? When they know it is all done by Jews. Please be informed that it will not take us long to say goodbye to jews. The time has come. We have found the path for us to return to to Siratul Mustaqim, the way of Allah and His Rasul. And you surely know how much you have to pay for all the demolishment that you have inflicted upon our generations so that it does not repeat or continue anymore. You had to take 1000 years to destroy all the development that I have created on this earth. Whereas in order to fix it with Allah’s help, we can finish it in less than half of the time that you took. The technology of God is better than God’s enemy right? Repent o Jews, you know that during my time, there are Jewish people who embraced Islam.

Finally, o enemy of the truth,
Why only now you expose all the secrets after keeping them for 1000 years? Yes, it is true that Muslims people cannot do anything, but they will get angry and rely highly on the much awaited Imam Mahdi. That means you have done a big mistake by exposing this big secret. How is it that iblis can make such a mistake?

Actually what the Jews have done in the New World Order plan created by the Zionist protocol is

Took the knowledge from Al Quran that can benefit them for development purposes.
Whichever knowledge that put them at lost, Jews took it too but they turn all the words around..
The promise by Allah for Muslims is greatly opposed and they fought all out against it..

As a result of all these, Allah allows this world to fall into your hands. In fact, if you had not learned from Muhammad, all these would not have happened to you. Aren’t you ashamed to learn from your enemy? Then you prided over it claiming all to be yours rightfully! Actually soon when you see Muhammad uses the spiritual technology that Allah gives to them which easily overrides your technology 1000 times more. You will be ashamed to be proud. Destruction will hit all your belongings when Islam returns to be an empire that will save the world. You just have to wait a little bit more, just a few days more. Tsunami have hit the jewish centers in Arab Saudi. They are like the explosions from the volcanic mountains. The larva will surround Israel meaning your cruelty in Gaza and all around the world will perish. With the Will Of Allah, at that time Islam will return to magnify Allah as Most Supreme and the Prophet will be so meaningful and much treasured by them.

This is all for now. Thank you and my doa from the Last Prophet to all his ummah. Wassalam.

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