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Jumaat, 22 Julai 2011

The final book of world history (English version)

The world is approaching to an era that I call the final phase of world history

The world is writing its final chapter.

Since the world was created, a variety of events listed but partly hidden from human knowledge.

Since the appearance of Imam Mahdi last Hajj season, many people do not realize that the world is showing the great signs of Judgement Day.

Anything we know about the hadith of the end times will not be the same as reality because when the Prophet deliver
the end times story,  he deliver in the form of codes and a large part of what God told him being his secret.

With thanks of RSA because of a gift which is I understand something that other people do not understand about what will happen  and come and I might not be able to tell the public.

For anyone who wants to know I give the clues, all of them are the great sign of Judgement

Imam Mahdi - The Antichrist - Smoke - The sun rising from the West - The destruction of the Kaaba - The Beast - Al-Aqsa Mosque - Jesus Christ - The White Tower - Damascus - Gog Magog - Sinking of Earth

Thanks, Allah know the best

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