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Ahad, 21 Ogos 2011

The final book of world history 3


Before I tell the stories of the end times, we must go trough about the Great Spirit that is Nur Muhammad SAW.

Nur Muhamad is the first creation. After the creation of Nur Muhammad, Allah creates other creations thus other creations were created trough Nur Muhammad SAW. 

Nur Muhammad wasn’t destroyed since its creation and will everlasting forever. Nur Muhammad is light dan he is spirit, a Great Spirit because from him other spirits were created hence Nur Muhammad is the father of spirits.

Nur Muhammad is the source of all secrets. Nur Muhammad is the medicine of every illness and Nur Muhammad is the greatest creation to Allah.

Nur Muhammad is not the god because he was created. Nur Muhammad is the chief of all creations. Nur Muhammad rules the worlds by Allah will. He is the Quran itself.

Nur Muhammad was transferred from body to other body from prophet Adam AS until his father Abdullah bin Abdul Mutallib Rh then he was born in the form of perfect living body. Before he was born, Nur Muhammad always exists beside the older prophets. In the form of living body, he makes perfect the religion that he introduces during his Nur Muhammad form.

When he was returned to Allah, Nur Muhammad SAW still do his rule to make sure Allah religion isn’t destructed totally until the second awakening of Islam. Nur Muhammad is managing Allah schedule for the end times. Nur Muhammad will rule the world until the afterworld.

At Afterworld, he rules to save his people from Allah punishment from punishment in desert of assembly until the day when the last batch of his people enters the paradise.

This is one story about the Great Spirit called Nur Muhammad SAW, ruler every time since his creation. Nur Muhammad manages things happen today to make sure Allah Schedule done perfectly. Nur Muhammad manages to make sure that what was written in ‘The final book of world history’ at Lauh Mahfuz happen as it was written.

Allah know the best.

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