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Selasa, 30 Oktober 2012

Secret code 3

land of death
no water but sands
no tree but rocks
wind of dust blow

a house is build
not for living
but for prisoner
of a thousand year

far from the city
they build a town
to copy the plan
for the new king

build not magic
create not miracle
no entry but
not empty

the heart of it
is a castle
the one and only
place of wishes

the blind escape
while the house
perfect and finish
complete to live

the city would fall
so the town alive
nobody know that
the town not the city

city of unknown
city of secrets
city of forbidden
city of hidden

the town last
as fourty dreams
fourty nightmare
awake nor sleep

make it temper
zenith point elia
you erase rich
internally cut heart of

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