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Isnin, 29 Oktober 2012

Secret Code

he is the choosen one
he was born in the east
he is young as the fourth
he is the key of world

he is the fourth of the ending
son of the fourth of beginning
four had passed
four will come

now is the end
the prisoner was escaped
he is the key of secret
the most wanted person

his blood is blood of saints
blood of kings
blood of te east
and the west nations

he will unite
the east and the west
both of dark and light races
in single leadership

he is the guided
but not the guided one
but guided by
the guided one

el angel caido
and his son
el ojo uno
want him

the good and the evil
fights for him
because el mundo
in his hand

he kept the secret
beside him
where ninguna
can find him

los diablos hurt him
but he is protected
by los angeles and
holy spirits

who found him
will find the key
key of secrets
key of worlds

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