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Rabu, 14 November 2012

Secret code 5

lands of spirits
land of the east
land of the west
land of prophets

no other land
like spirits lands
the peoples faith
are the best of all

seven diamonds
balancing our earth
hidden somewhere
beneath the earth

diamonds not for us
diamonds of miracle
emits knowldege
emits spirits feeling

when the seven
move slightly
the earth quakes
with great quake

one day of future
the seven will move
by a great moves
great quake will be

quake of the east
quake of the west
quake of holy land
earth spoke the news

hidden treasure
will expose for us
from beneath of us
to the surface lands

the king will take
those treasure
keep the treasure
in keeping palace

nobody want them
because there are
abundance of them
they become priceless

that will be a sign
great sign of
the end times
called golden age

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