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Sabtu, 17 November 2012

Secret Code 6

the end times
there will be
a chaos among
northen hemisphere

great destruction
at the centre
spreading like
a black smoke

far to the south
of the east
of the west
peace upon them

river of blood
hill of flesh
mountain of skull
nightmare comes

the sky is black
day is night
darkness upon
those nation

the nations cries
when a peace
become true
they was tired

4 out of 5
it's a nightmare
but punishment
come from heaven

the olive falls
the king won
the ring angry
all be praised

far to the east
far to the west
they are blessed
far from nightmare

but the rings comes
destroy all city
of far east and west
no heavenly dream

choosen peoples
saved by a palace
made by the king
avoid the ring

heavenly people
will come from sky
to help them
kill the ring

now peace spread
like a fragance
far to east
far to west

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