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Khamis, 14 Februari 2013

About Pope Candidate

Cardinal Peter Kodwo Appiah Turkson (born 11 October 1948) fits all the prophecies and all the standing procedures for being the next Pope.

Why Turkson?

- As he studied in Rome, he ALREADY HAS THE NICKNAME of "Peter The Roman" in his native village.

- He is from Ghana

- There is great pressure in the Catholic Church to have a 3rd world Pope.

- Ghana is a "stable" African country where he could avoid being pressured.

- Anoher prophecy states that the last Pope will be "the son of a Turk"

- His name is literally "Turkon"

- A young Pope is always follwed by an old one and vice versa. So, the next should be young. Turkson is the second youngest Cardinal.

- Standing procedure in the Catholic Church is to have Popes from countries that lack political, economic and military power. Who the hell could be challenged by Ghana?

- Turkson is close to the last two Popes' doctrinal factions.

- Turkson and Ghana is utterly free from all the child molesting allegations. When thugs are regularly hacking up your parishioners and priests with machettes and burning your churches down, one does not tend to think about that sort of thing!

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