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Rabu, 13 Mac 2013

Mawlana Syaikh Nazim rh with Malaysian Visitor

The Minister And The Sultan


 Chief Minister, His Excellency. Allahu Akbar, Al Hamdulillah. How are you? Masha'Allah.

C.M:  I am very happy actually.

M: First of all we are thanking the Lord of Heavens Allah Almighty. Then we are giving our best wishes and salat & salam to Sayyidi Al Awwalin wa Al Akhirina, Sayyidina Muhammad (sas). And thirdly we are giving our best wishes to his Majesty Sultan of Perak. Just he gave to me whole Perak & he said to me take it....

C.M.: He is sending salam to Mawlana, Sultan of Perak.

M: How is his health?

C.M.: Now he can walk already.

M: His Majesty, as long as his hand on charities, don't worry. P.M.: Insha'Allah.

M: He must not worry. Al Hamdulillah.. no need but London doctors making small thing, big thing. Never needs as long as his Majesty's hand is in charity. Insha'Allah we are praying for his Majesty and her Majesty & Raja Muda also and marhum, Raja Ashman's wife. I am crying that he was here last time coming & saying Dawlat Twanko! One Dawlat Twanko! One more time behind him. One word also he was saying, Apahabar! Hand go here & here he was saying this. I met him in Damascus, before people saying to me he passed away. I am surprising idea. I met him in Damascus. Raja Ashman. He had spiritually power, like 'amud/ pillar!

C.M: Very strong, yes Al Hamdulillah.

M: Therefore saying to me passed away I am saying I am looking in Damascus, how it is going to be. Sham....Awliya'/ Saints most of them are in Sham. Insha'Allah we shall see him under the flag of Rasul Allah (saws). Fatiha.

Before your excellency, there was another Chief Minister. I was looking his Majesty putting his sword here.
P.M. Yes!

M:Subhana Allah he dressed the dressing of heybet/glory. Heybet/glory.... His excellency, dressing he has a heybet/glory. But like this, I am thinking Municipal worker.

M.N.: Next time you have to dress officially.

M: How is it? I am managing, don't ask me. How is Abdul Najib effendi, Najib. The Prime Minister.

C.M.: Al Hamdulillah, he sending salams to Mawlana, I told him that I am coming to see Mawlana. He said "say, salams & pray for the elections."

M: I am going to make dua for him if he is taking care of people in Burma, that shaytan people killing Muslims to take care for not threatening those shaytan people.

C.M.: I will insha'Allah, I will.

M: And Allah Almighty going to be his helper if he is doing this. But I am sorry that no one looking.

C.M.: It's Dato...

M: Masha'Allah. Be true one, no need for anything else. Don't worry, Mustaqim/Straight. The Lord of Heavens with you. But like this like this...shaytan. "Salamun Qawlan Min Rabbin Rahimin" (36:58) "Peace be on you, a word from the Lord, Most Merciful." (36:58) May Allah (swt) be a supporter & protector for you & His most Beloved Prophet (saws).

C.M.: Shukran Mawlana, insha'Allah, insha'Allah...

M: Astaghfirullah. Please kiss his Majesty's here.. Not from here, he is Sultan. Not here, Sultan, that is adab/good manners. On his behalf.

C.M. I will, I will. M: Her Majesty also Alina, Raja Muda, I like him. Raja Muda, masha'Allah chevalier chevalier, knight! Insha'Allah. Ya Rabbi Ya Karim...Ya Rabbi Ya.. Ya Rabbi Ya Karim Tell his Majesty gives me his dua for me also. I am praying for him. Fatiha. I hope to see you there with your National dressing. Wa aleikum salam...La Ilaha, illa Allah! La Ilaha, illa Allah! La Ilaha illa Allah! Sayyidina Muhammad Rasul Allah (saws).

H.R.: They put in Sultan's heart 4 stents. They are saying insha'Allah it's ok ; they ask dua from you.

M: I am asking healthy life, long life for his Majesty Sultan Azlan Shah. as long as His Majesty's hand is for people, giving charity to them, don't worry about his Majesty's health. Prophet (saws) saying "cure your illness with sadaqa." The Holy Prophet (saws) "O people, make cure for your illnesses by giving your charity." Everyday may give charity & he is not going to be worried, even giving his charity, but now he may give more for his health, daily. And I am asking that they may look after people, Burma people, to look after them as much as possible, charities and to give their support for Muslims in Burma. That is a biggest charity for Sultan, his Majesty Sultan. May Allah (swt) gives him long life for these charities and to be his honour to this... To be in East & West well known that he is supporting weak Muslims, and poor Muslims under the oppressor of that shaytan, non-believing people. That is all. And he must not worry & hope that he may reach to Mahdi (as). As Salam Alaykum.

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